Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A busy night at our youth club with 50 kids. It was lovely to see quite a few children we have not seen for a long time.
We started with singing with various youth leaders leading one or two songs. We also learned a new adult chorus 'Jesus saves.' After this we watched some footage of an egg hatching into a baby chick which Tiffies linked with the verse 'Consider the birds of the air' and the care God has for all the little circumstances of life. She spoke to the children about how special each one is in the sight of God and how we can safely trust Him. The children listened intently. Finally we split into groups for a scavenger hunt, outdoor games and loom band making.

In our student zone Melissa began by taking some games. We came together for our meeting with a time of singing led by Leah before Tiffies gave her testimony. Zander followed on with a fabulous analogy using sweets and coins. He used it to illustrate the fact that we often need to get rid of things in our lives to know Jesus but we gain something far better. We closed the evening with a song. There was a lovely atmosphere with us. A great evening all in!