Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Tonight we had over 40 children at our Friday club.
We began with some songs at the request of the children. We then heard from a few of our youth leaders who spoke of their experience of asking Jesus into their hearts and what that has meant to them. Tiffies summed this up by explaining how Jesus wants to become our long term friend. We finished this part by learning the song 'Thank you for the cross'. Finally we went into activities of outdoor and indoor games and arts and crafts.

In our student zone Shev began with some games. Our meeting followed this with some singing led by Leah. Zander then spoke to the young people about prayer, breaking down what it really means to pray. Afterwards we split into smaller groups where the young people wrote down a prayer they would like to pray. Then, we gave them a chance to say their prayer in a prayer time together. Most did and commented that they enjoyed the opportunity to pray.