Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Airdrie Outreach
We had a good meeting this Thursday.
John began by taking some singing.
Rae then spoke from 1 Peter 1:6,7. She also used Pilgrim's Progress effectively to illustrate the concept of going down the wrong path and meeting despair. She encouraged us to consider the promises of God to unlock our dungeons and find release in spiritual freedom.
We closed with an excellent worship time.

Coatbridge Outreach
We had a great house meeting this week.
We had various reports to start. Again it was great to hear from folks and to encourage each other. One of our new folks spoke of spending much time reading his Bible this week and getting a lot from it. Another struggled a bit, finding praying and reading his Bible hard. Someone else said they were glad to have their focus right again whilst another talked of getting through in our prayer meetings for revival on a Sunday. Carol then spoke from John 11 about the raising of Lazarus. She focused mainly on being right with God and unity amongst His people.
There came a lovely presence over us at the end of the night when we prayed together.

Motherwell Outreach
Mark began our evening with a fabulous time of singing and worship. It was an excellent start.
Diana then spoke from Luke 11:10. She shared something of the significance of this verse in her life that morning in prayer and encouraged others to find the faith to believe it could be possible for them too.
We had another good prayer time at the end when folks were able to take part in public prayer.