Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Just under 25 kids braved the very wet winter's night to be at the Friday club this week. We had a super time of singing with many children eagerly requesting lots of action songs and adult choruses. Tiffies then spoke about the history of jelly babies (previously called peace babies). Children and adults alike enjoyed the story she told. We then had stations with games and arts and crafts.

In our Student Zone Melissa took some games to start. Leah and Hannah led some singing.  We then had an activity where we had to describe what happiness means to us. This helped us to think outside the box concerning what we think Christianity is. The young people gave some great answers, such as Christianity is when the impossible is made possible. Tiffies rounded up by speaking about how our lives give a message to others of what Christianity is like and the responsibility that comes with that. We closed in prayer together at the end.