Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Our Friday club went well this week. We began with lots of singing and rolled out some golden oldies which the children enjoyed learning. We then watched a short clip about the planets of the solar system and followed this with a quiz. Then Tiffies encouraged us to think about how amazing it is that the God who made all this knows us and loves us as individuals. Children then went to their stations to enjoy some games, arts and crafts and hangman.

We were encouraged to have a good number of young people at our student zone who have not been along in a few months. David took charge of a lively and fun games session to start with. Tiffies led a few songs before Scott spoke. He talked about a recent trip to ice wall climbing and we discussed together all the things needed to be successful. He rounded off by speaking of the importance of persevering in our 'climb' as Christians and getting rid of extra weight that would pull us down.