Coatbridge, Motherwell and Airdrie outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We opened in prayer before updates from everyone - the main themes were the reading daily scriptures, seeking His presence, answer to prayers and hearing God's word being preached were the reasons people gave for having had a positive and refreshing week.

Karen gave her testimony to how God had been faithful to her from a very early age but a significant change in her spiritual life came after receiving her baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Carol then preached on a number of verses
Isaiah 62:4, Matthew 27:46, Hebrews 13:5.
Christ is our best beloved and will care for our every need. He has been abandoned and has paid the price for our sin that we might never be abandoned by Him. He is our faithful friend, our Redeemer who will cause us to grow and fully develop a secure relationship in Him. He can be totally relied on and is totally trustworthy.

One of our new comers to our fellowship came into the beginnings of her baptism and there was a beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit upon her.


We had a good meeting this week with a slightly different arrangement to it.

Vicky began the evening with some singing. Pauline followed by leading a short Bible study on the first case of the baptism in the Holy Spirit recorded in the book of Acts chapter 2. This led to a discussion on the effects of the baptism in our lives. We each shared our reactions the first time we heard speaking in tongues. Most folks found it interesting and were drawn to the reality of God through it, whilst one felt afraid and another sceptical, but their minds were soon changed when they received their baptisms.

Diana then followed this with a short word from Ezekiel. She spoke of her hopes for the group that folks would find their spiritual home in that particular meeting. She described home as being a place where you could relax and be yourself and this is what she wanted as each one of us found God.

As we turned to prayer there came a beautiful sense of the nearness of Christ. A word was given at the end about our home being in heaven. There we shall have perfect rest and peace.

We will be off next week as it is the school holiday week and resume again on the 21st October.



We had a lovely meeting with testimony and song tonight. Some of our folks shared testimony or up to date reports and then chose a chorus to sing. All were great! The presence of God deepened as we shared together. Rae shared from Psalm 40:1-3. A wonderful praise and worship time followed. As God's presence deepened there was a word given that we should lift our heads to Him as He longs to draw near and dwell with us in every circumstance. Finally, we celebrated another birthday with our usual tea and cakes. We will be off next week as a few of us are away during the October holiday.