Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Just under 30 children braved the storms tonight to be with us. Jenny started with some singing and Tiffies taught us a few more Nativity songs. Leah then spoke. She displayed a phrase on the wall and asked us to count how many times the letter 'f' appeared. Most guessed wrongly as it was set up in a way that it was easy to overlook some letters. She linked this to how many people overlook Jesus and spoke about how our lives can be an example that cause others to notice Jesus. We then had stations with games, arts and crafts and code crackers. Tiffies and Mel also began working with the children who have speaking parts in our Nativity. 

In our student zone Leah began with some singing. Jenny then spoke to us about the ingredients we would expect to see in a Christian. We worked in groups to come up with appropriate food labels with the ingredients we thought a Christian should have. We then compared these with the fruits of the Spirit and Jenny talked about how the Holy Spirit can help us to have these fruits. Tiffies then led a short time of worship before Scott closed in prayer.