Coatbridge and Motherwell Outreach Meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Coatbridge Outreach

We had a good meeting tonight and it was great to welcome back a few folks who were unable to be with us of recent months. 

We opened in prayer before having a time of sharing what God had been doing in our lives.  It was great to hear testimony on how the presence of God had fallen on Jim last week, to the point of him being unable to move for a short period of time, such was the mighty and heavy presence of God that had come down upon him. 

Carol preached on Psalm 78:20 about the gushing waters that flowed from the rock, and how much more valuable it was because it was a spiritual drink and that the rock was Christ.  Carol encouraged all of us to earnestly seek God and to have a true thirst and hunger for God, for that is when the living waters shall be poured out in abundance upon us and flow from us.

We closed with a time of prayer, and had tea, cake and fellowship.


Motherwell Outreach

A good number gathered from the local area to share fellowship with a small group who travelled through from Cumbernauld. 

We began our meeting with some singing led by Diana and Mark before Margaret, one of the locals, shared an excellent testimony to Salvation. We were all deeply moved to hear of the difficulties she had faced as a child and the faithfulness of God in bringing her to peace and the knowledge she belonged to the family of God. 

Diana followed this with a word from John's Gospel Chapter 2 about the cleansing of the temple and Christ's fearless courage in the face of opposition. She encouraged us not to be afraid of anyone, particularly those who opposed the work of God. We closed our meeting with a time of worship whilst some received ministry. 

It was nice to share fellowship at the end of the night over a lovely supper.