Coatbridge, Motherwell and Airdrie outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Coatbridge outreach

We had a lovely meeting tonight. We opened in prayer before updates from the past week.  It was great to hear how a few conversations within the workplace had led an individual to read more of his bible and just how much more God's word had opened up to him.  This is a lesson for all of us to take every opportunity we can to seek God deeper through His word. 

Graham's main theme was about Light and referred to John1:5. He used an example from Sunday nights service - the Light that shone down on those who had received ministry was visible on their faces after being in the presence of God and receiving ministry.  Graham encouraged us as a group and as individuals to seek more of the Light of Christ no matter what trials come our way -   "Let us always be possessed by the Holy Spirit".

We closed with a time of prayer and light supper.  During supper our conversation opened up to the "spiritual sounds and spiritual visions" that were evident in our meeting tonight.  All praise and glory to God!


Motherwell Outreach

We had a good meeting and our small hall was fairly packed this week. We were pleased to see a growing number of locals coming to our meeting to worship God with us. 

We began with a time of song before Jean one of our local ladies testified to her salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. She also spoke of a remarkable healing her wee boy had received when he was small after she had felt the power of prayer when speaking in tongues. 

Diana then brought the word from John's Gospel 

'He spake of the temple of his body.'  She talked about the power of the Holy Spirit to quicken your body when you are tired, stressed or unwell; there was a place to live deeply under the anointing to drive the work of God forward. This was followed by a lively praise time where song after song flowed bringing tremendous life and vitality amongst us. All seemed to enjoy and enter in. 

We finished our evening once again with a lovely supper provided by our host.


Airdrie Outreach 

We had a good meeting on Thursday. Rae began the evening with some singing and worship before John spoke from Psalm 37:35 and Ruth 1:1 on sinful choices and serious consequences.  An excellent worship time followed. We went deeply through to God, placing our lives in His hands again. There was some personal ministry during this time. We ended our evening with a cup of tea and chat.