Airdrie and Motherwell Outreach Meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a good meeting in Airdrie.
Our regular number gathered together for a time of singing led by John who then shared how God had spoken to him about giving a specific message to one of his colleagues. John didn't often see this person so prayed for confirmation by asking for a sign. To his surprise and delight he got it and gave the encouraging word to his colleague which proved to be very uplifting. Rae then spoke from Mark 15:21 about Simon of Cyrene and linked it with Numbers 16:9 about God choosing us. At the end, we drew nearer to Christ during the beautiful and deep worship time. We completed our evening over a cup of tea and fellowship together.

Motherwell Outreach

On Wednesday we had a good number of our new contacts present.
We began with some singing before Diana opened it for a time of sharing. This was very good and, although can be difficult for some folks, it helps us to get to know each other and can also be very encouraging to others. One lady shared of witnessing recently after a bereavement and how much it had helped her; another spoke of God touching a place of deep sadness within him whilst a third spoke of reading about revival and feeling encouraged because they could link it to so much of what is happening in our own fellowship.
Diana then shared from John 4:14 about the fountain welling up within that shall never run dry. It was a good word!
We turned to prayer and entered in as deeply as we knew how, into His presence, to drink from the wells of eternal life. There followed a rich time of song led by one of our local ladies.
Again, we finished with a lovely spread provided by our host.