Cumbernauld supper evening

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld Supper Evening

We had a lovely supper evening on Wednesday. This was on instead of the regular satellite Outreaches which are held during the week across North Lanarkshire. 

We were delighted that a good number of our folks from these areas made an effort to come through to be with us along with some new folks we hadn't met before. 

We began with a generous supper in our coffee shop in a relaxed and informal atmosphere before going through to the sanctuary for the meeting. 

Diana began this with a short time of song before Mima testified to Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke of how she had found God deeply through very difficult times recently. It was very encouraging. Leah then sang a beautiful solo before Diana brought a short gospel word. 

We were delighted that one lady wanted to find Christ and after prayer said she felt real rest and peace inside. We trust that she will begin to find God with her in a new way now. 

Thanks to our team  of workers for organising such a lovely spread and thanks to all those who brought provisions. Most of all we thank God for His goodness and presence with us.