Coatbridge, Motherwell and Airdrie outreach

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Coatbridge outreach

We opened in prayer and had a time of sharing what this past week had been like, once again very encouraging for all who were there. 

Carol preached on Genesis 3:9 and Hosea 2:14 and spoke about how Adam and Eve hid from the presence of God and felt ashamed because of their sin. God in His love gently deals with us by drawing us by His kindness and compassion through the door of hope into eternal life via Calvary.  Carol encouraged us to enter into our promised land, our spiritual inheritance. 

We finished with a time of singing and prayer.


Motherwell Outreach 

We had a good meeting this Wednesday. There were only 3 of us who managed over from Cumbernauld but as there is growing a number coming from the local area we still had a sizeable meeting. It also gave us the opportunity to turn the seating round into a circle (it was a bit of a squeeze!) and be a little less formal. This gave some of our new contacts time to share and contribute if they wished. It made for a more relaxed feel to the evening. 

We began with a time of singing before Diana opened it for anyone who might want to share anything that God had done for them over the past number of weeks. There were several who contributed mainly speaking of the power of prayer in different circumstances. It was encouraging to hear from them. Diana then spoke from John 3:10 about the need for spiritual depth in our lives to bring about a deep, pure, permanent and widespread work of God. Following this, we turned to prayer and had a lovely time of worship. A gentleman was seeking prayer and was encouraged to find a strong presence of God touching him. 

We finished our evening as usual over supper. It was a good night and we are grateful to God for an increasing number of contacts in this particular area.


Airdrie Outreach

We had a good meeting this Thursday night. 

John began the evening with a time of singing. Willie followed this by sharing a short testimony. Rae then spoke from John 21:17 about Peter's failings yet the remarkable call of God that was on his life. We followed this with a short worship time and fellowship over tea and coffee.