Friday Night Youth Work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a good first night back at our Friday Club. We had just under 25 children who were all very excited to be back. We had a time of singing which was led by a number of our young adults. Tiffies then spoke using the following illustration with the children taking part: a young person was blindfolded and then guided by the voice of a friend while everyone else made lots of noise. We then tried again while everyone else was quiet. She found it much easier to follow the voice of her friend when everyone was quiet. Tiffies related this to how it can be hard to hear the voice of God when there are so many other voices around us. Jenny closed in prayer before we went to our stations. We had games, arts and crafts and team challenges tonight. Lots of fun all round.

In our Student Zone we began with some free time, during which the girls chatted to their friends while the boys played football. We then began our meeting with a testimony from Tiffies. Zander then spoke around the theme of Jonah and Job and their different reactions and attitudes. He spoke about the danger of trying to run from what God is saying, and the importance of trusting Him in harder times. We finished with a time of prayer together.