Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a very good night at our Friday club this week with two new children and our usual gang! Tiffies began with some singing before splitting the children into groups. They were given the challenge of slicing a banana into 5 pieces and then repairing it using cocktail sticks and tape. Tiffies then spoke about how our words can have a lasting effect and even when we say sorry, the damage can still be there. She also talked about when we are hurt by the words and actions of others, the only person that can heal us inside is Jesus. We then enjoyed lots of outdoor stations including football, rounders and circle games. We finished the evening with ice lollies in the bookshop.

In our student zone Leah started with some singing. Zander then asked us to get into pairs with someone we trust. Each person then had to trust their partner to catch them when they fell. Zander related this to how God is like the catcher and how we can fail to trust Him at times. He spoke about how it is safe to trust God as He will never let us fall. We closed with a short time of prayer with many young people taking part and praying out loud.