Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Our Friday club fun night went very well with around 40 children. We began with some news and a couple of songs before splitting into groups to rotate round stations. These included arts and crafts, outdoor games and a barbecue. Once children had enjoyed all of these we met back in the church. Some of the parents who had stayed on and had a coffee in the shop came through and joined us. There was about 10 parents in all. We gave them a sample of our rowdy singing before Tiffies spoke for a few minutes. She shared about how she had come along to the church youth club as a young person and learned about how Jesus can come into your life and be your friend. She encouraged children not to forget about Jesus over the summer but to remember He is always with them. We closed in prayer and children were given a goody pack before leaving.

We had a quieter student zone tonight with some of the young people joining us a little later. We played some games together and enjoyed the fellowship. It was a nice end to our evening. Our Friday club will now be off until after the summer holidays.