Coatbridge, Motherwell and Airdrie outreaches

by Struthers Cumbernauld

 Coatbridge Outreach

We opened with a prayer, and a time of sharing what this past week has brought to the group. 

Graham brought together two parts of scripture tonight, 2 Corinthians 4:8-12 and 

Isaiah 40:28-3. He went on to speak about the negatives that this world can throw at us. However, if we remain close to God throughout, He will not abandon us and we will begin to appreciate Him more and have a truly deep love for Christ that will be reflected in our lives. Graham touched on the strength that God will provide for us in our time of need if we truly seek Him and encouraged us to run spiritually. We sang some beautiful choruses during the worship time at the end and there was a real deep sense of His love and peace over us. 

We closed in prayer before having supper together. 


Motherwell outreach

We had a good service in Newmains this week. Mark led a time of singing which was very good. Shev and Mark then sang a lovely duet before Mark spoke. He spoke about recognising the gifts that God has given us and allowing God to use us in the way of His choosing and not being afraid to bring what may feel like a very small offering to Him. We finished with a time of worship and praise during which there was a lovely sense of the refreshing of God.


Airdrie Outreach

We had an excellent meeting tonight. Annette took the singing and Mitch gave testimony to salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. Both dovetailed into what John spoke on. He spoke of the fall of man which started in Eden and redemption which began in another garden called Gethsemane. There came a lovely rich presence of God as we finished with a short prayer time and singing.