Coatbridge and Airdrie outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We started with reports of how God had been speaking to us and moving in our lives. 

Carol spoke on Judges 16:20, 22, 28 on the life of Samson, and about his gradual slipping away from God until the day came when he did not even know the Lord had left him - Samson had become spiritually blind.  We were encouraged to hold on to and carry the strength the Lord has given us and to be very careful not to turn away from God. 

We closed with a time of prayer and fellowship.



A very good number out tonight. To begin with Rae led some worship songs. John then brought verses from Prov 3:5. We often trust fallen man before we trust our omnipotent, faithful, merciful and loving Father. A child who takes a leap into his father's arms trusts he will safely catch him. We too can learn to trust our heavenly Father to stretch out His loving arms to hold us through every hardship or storm. A short time of prayer and praise followed before our usual supper and a time of warm fellowship.