Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another busy night at out Friday club with 35 kids. Tiffies began with some singing before demonstrating that the taste of salt cannot be hidden in food. This was likened to covering up sin when we've done something wrong. Tiffies used the example of warm water washing away hardened salt to demonstrate how Jesus is the only one who can wash us clean. We then had fun activities of hama bead patterns, games and challenges. 

In our student zone Leah began with a song. Zander then split us into groups where we continued to look at the book of Acts. We discussed the day of Pentecost and the promise of the Holy Spirit to believers. We had some good discussion and questions in our groups. We came back together for a short time of prayer with many young people taking part. It was a good night. We finished with some birthday celebrations for two of our youth leaders.