Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A busy night with just under 40 children at the Friday club, including a couple of brand new children. Tiffies began with a time of singing with lots of lively choices from the children. Leah then spoke on looking at the heart. She illustrated this by asking friends their likes and dislikes and brought out the fact that we are all different, but we all have a heart and it's important to look at a persons heart as that's the bit God sees. We then had stations with arts and crafts, challenges and games. 

In our student zone Leah began with a song. Tiffies then sketched in a brief background of the book of Acts before we went on to have a Bible study and discussion on the first few verses of the book. It was very good and there were some very interesting contributions. We closed with a very short time of prayer and worship and there was a lovely atmosphere with us.