Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A quieter night as we started back to our Friday club for this year with 18 kids. Leah began with some singing and the kids were all desperate to get their song choices in. Tiffies then set a challenge asking a volunteer to squeeze empty a tube of toothpaste and then try to refill it! The point was made that unkind words easily spoken are not so easily taken back and the importance of treating others kindly. We then had our arts and crafts, games and quiz stations. Jenny finished with a short time of singing at the end.

In our student zone Leah began with some singing before Zander spoke. He talked about resolutions and making short term achievable goals that will help us in our walk with God. We then split into small groups to discuss some goals we could make before we came back together to close with prayer. We finished our evening with a cake and cards for one of our youth leaders and one of our teenagers who both celebrated birthdays this week.