Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


There were less of us this week as some couldn't manage to our house meeting. After some up to date reports

Graham preached on Mat 5:14 "You are the light of the world..."  A very encouraging word about how important it is for us to always be ready to witness and to remember that the world looks for that witness within us at all times, during our daily routines - in our jobs, at home or whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

There followed a very rich time of prayer as we broke through into that wonderful deep presence and communion with God.

We ended our evening with a short time of fellowship over a cup of tea. 



We had a very good meeting on Wednesday and were glad to see some of the folks returning that we hadn't seen since December.

Diana began with a short time of singing before she opened it for up to date reports. Several shared encouraging reports about how God had spoken to them through one means or another and encouraged them to hold fast and pray.

Pauline then brought our second Bible Study on the Gifts of the Spirit. This week she spoke about wisdom. (1 Cor12:8). Some discussion followed mainly about the difference between wisdom, knowledge and discernment. It was very interesting.

We closed with a time of worship and prayer. We were all glad to be back together again enjoying the presence of God and encouraging each other in our walk with God.



At our Airdrie meeting tonight we had two visitors who we haven't seen for a while. John led some singing before Rae spoke from John 1:16 'And of His fullness we have all received.' Rae spoke of the inexhaustible fullness of Christ. Following the word, folks took the opportunity to thank Him in praise and worship. We then had tea and Marion's home made sponge. The visitors intend to join with us again and we pray that their needs will be met by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.