Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We were pleased to welcome Susan, a friend of Caroline's, along to our meeting tonight.  We started with a time of sharing with a good number of our group mentioning how the sermons preached on Sunday had resonated with them.

Graham went onto speak on a number of verses with the main theme of "being an encourager" - the need to participate in the various meetings we attend for the sake of others that will lead to a strengthening of each other. Through doing this we will find and convey the anointing that comes through our participation.

We closed with a lovely time of prayer where a deepening of the Spirit was found by the group as each person took part in prayer.



We began our evening with a lovely time of song which led into worship and a beautiful time of singing in the Spirit.

Following this different folks shared about the joys and difficulties of their week before Pauline led us in the bible study. This was on the gift of faith. She has divided it into two sections as there was so many bible references and wonderful stories to relate both from the bible, Hugh Black's life and also more up to date stories. Several folks shared their own experiences of faith at various points in their Christian journey.

We closed our evening with a time of prayer. Next week we are having a supper evening. All are very welcome to attend.



Our usual Airdrie folks met together. John led us in song then Rae spoke from Exodus 37 on how God required everything in the tabernacle to be made of pure gold. She also looked at the book of Job and how,  when he was tried, came forth as gold. The trials and circumstances of life test our faith and lead us to righteousness. If we hold on to what we know and have in Christ, trusting Him wholly, we may come forth as gold. He makes us ready to be used for His own purposes. We finished with a very good time of worship and praise.