Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had over 30 children at our Friday club tonight. Jenny started with some singing and the kids were in great voice! Tiffies then set a team challenge involving travelling across the room while standing on paper plates. The group had to decide how to work together as a team to achieve their goal quickly. Tiffies then spoke about being together in unity and how we should all feel welcome at church, but more importantly we are all welcome by God when we come with the right attitude. Zander then closed in prayer before our games, arts and crafts and challenges stations.

In our student zone Zander spoke to the young people about different stories from the New Testament that involved seeking for something. In the meantime the rest of the team were busy hiding sweets around the coffee shop. The young people then had the task of seeking for the sweets. We then came back together and Zander reminded the young people of the importance of earnestly seeking for God. We then closed in prayer. A good night all round.