Toddlers update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A much busier, but very enjoyable time was had by all at Toddlers today.

19 children and 21 adults piled into our church for a full morning of activities. 

Free play was followed by story time taken by Annette for the older children. Our theme again was Dads and the story was told of the dad whose little boy was sick. He asked Jesus to come and make him better and Jesus was able to heal him without even going to visit the little boy. The dad was delighted! This was followed by some choruses.

The wee ones had a time of games and singing led by Laura and Marianne. Some of the older ones made "great dad" cards at craft with Morag.

A huge thank you to all our adults who helped with clearing up. And a special thank you to all our folks who remember our work in prayer.