Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A busy night with just over 30 children at our Friday club. Tiffies began with some singing and the children were in great voice. She then went on to do some challenges with the children, such as stacking dice on a lolly stick held in your mouth and seeing who could build the tallest tower in 30 seconds. She talked about the challenge of being a Christian and the importance of setting goals that could be as small as making a particular effort not to be cheeky at home. She encouraged the children to make Friday a special day for focussing on their challenge and building it up from there. There was a lovely settled atmosphere as we closed in prayer before activities. Children then enjoyed some arts and crafts, games and more challenges at their stations.

In our student zone we began by splitting into groups. The challenge was set to come up with a way of communicating with your group so they could understand but others listening wouldn't. Some chose a written method while others chose to give specific words a different meaning. It was fun trying to crack each other's codes. Tiffies then spoke about the baptism in the Spirit and how this is a special way to communicate with God and to pour out to Him what you feel deep inside. She also spoke about prayer in general and the importance of talking to Jesus often in order to build a relationship with Him. We closed with a short prayer time and many young people took part.