Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We had a fairly full hall this week as our Coatbridge friends joined us because their house meeting was off.

We began with a short time of singing before two testimonies. One from Karen who told us about her release from a phobia of the dark. Karen had been left to babysit as a young child and after watching a scary film had always had a fear of the dark. She had prayer from Hugh Black and received release. The second was from Laura who had an irrational fear of needles. She told us that when she was young she would rather face treatment at the dentist without an injection rather than go through the ordeal of receiving an injection. She had prayer from Diana, a number of years ago now, and has never been troubled or fearful since. She spoke of the change it had made to her life as she no longer lived in the shadow of fear. Leah then sang a beautiful solo.

Diana followed this by briefly explaining what a phobia was; how it could enter and how it could be removed.  She used the verse 'perfect love casts out all fear' emphasising the word 'cast'. This is what Christ wants to do with all our fears! What the medical profession could only try and do over months of counselling, Christ could do in a moment of time.

We closed with a brief time of prayer. There were some who approached Diana at the end of the meeting looking for prayer.


We had a good meeting on Thursday. Rae opened the meeting with some good old hymns that brought a lovely presence of Christ.

John spoke on scattered verses from Genesis and Job bringing the theme that Satan would have done anything to have destroyed mankind and the lineage of Christ. The second part of his speaking was about how Christ, and only Christ, can bring hope to broken people and that nothing else can reform and rejuvenate us. Only Christ can recreate us and transform us. We must be born again to make a new start and that the same power that conquered the grave lives within us.

We closed with a lovely time of worship.