Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We began our meeting with our usual time of sharing. One of our folks shared how God has been moving in his heart recently. Several others went on to share how encouraged they have been by seeing the remarkable change in this person's life.

Focusing on Holy Week and the events surrounding the Cross, Carol spoke of how Christ was able to die for us, wash away our sins, rise from the dead and how this strengthens the fact that He is indeed the Son of God. Christ is Lord, and nothing alters that fact no matter what we feel. We need to learn to bring our feelings and emotions under His authority. When we do that, we find His love, His healing, His power and His wonderful forgiveness.

She encouraged us to enter into the truth of His death and His resurrection over this Easter time.

We had a lovely time of prayer and finished with singing 'When I survey the wondrous Cross'. There was a beautiful presence of Christ as we focused on the Cross.

We finished with supper and some fellowship together.


We had a good meeting and once again it was lovely to have one of our new ladies back with us again.

Mark began by leading a time of worship which was very nice. Cathy then shared  some good news she had had regarding her health. She connected it to prayer she had received earlier on in the year. Billy shared his testimony before Pauline completed our study on the gift of healing. It tied in very nicely with Cathy's testimony! We closed with an excellent time of prayer and song where there was real joy and liberty amongst us.

We thank God for His wonderful presence once again.


We had some visitors at our gathering in Airdrie this week. John led some singing and William shared his testimony to how he came to know Christ as his Saviour. We read from Matt 26:27: the words of Christ about the new covenant in His blood. We also looked at how this dovetails with the Old Testament Jewish passover cups. There followed a time of worship and praise for all Christ has done for us. We then had some fellowship with our visitors over teas and coffees.