Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had a busy Friday club this week with just over 40 children. Tiffies began with some singing; the children were in great voice! We had lots of action songs before learning a new adult chorus which the kids really enjoyed. Leah then split the kids into groups to think of five reasons why they come on a Friday. After some feedback she went on to tell the story of Ian McCormick, 'the jellyfish man', and how he shares his story all over the world. She talked about how we can also play a part in sharing Jesus with others. Following this, the children had a great time at parachute games, arts and crafts and sports challenges.

In our student zone, Leah began with some singing. Zander then asked the group a series of questions which helped us to think about what is going well in our Christian walk, what we find difficult and how we can overcome difficulties. He rounded this up by reminding us that it's down to us to take the steps. We closed the night with prayer.