Mid week outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Airdrie Group

Our Airdrie group had another good meeting tonight.

John led some singing and Rae spoke from John's Gospel on our advocate who comes alongside us as our representative. Christ asks us to remain in Him that the Father and Son may come and make their home in us. There came a beautiful presence of God which led us into a lovely time of praise and worship.

We finished our evening with some good conversations over tea and biscuits.


We had a quieter meeting this week as none of our Cumbernauld friends managed to come along but Jim and Mima's living room was still pretty packed with all our Coatbridge friends. One new lad who came last week came back again.

We began with up to date reports which most shared. Quite a few spoke of the very special Sunday meetings we had last weekend where the healing presence of Christ came down on us.

Diana then brought a word from the book of Acts about Paul's motive for serving God. She compared it with the silversmiths from Ephesus who were out to make money with their false idols. After some discussion we turned to prayer and some folks prayed aloud whilst others pressed through into His presence. There was that wonderful feeling of God hearing our prayers.

Our evening finished with a generous supper and some happy chat.


We had a good night with a gathering number of locals amongst us. Our new lady who came last week returned this week accompanied by two of our folks from the Glasgow branch.

Tiffies and Mark led some singing together at the beginning before up to date reports from some. Pauline then led the bible study. This week she was speaking about the gift of tongues. There was some interesting discussion throughout this.

We turned to prayer and had a short gentle time of worship. Our new lady had some prayer again during this time. She said she felt a strong presence when Pauline prayed with her. We were encouraged by this feedback and pray that she may find the help she is seeking.