Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A great night with around 25 kids for our Friday club. Tiffies, Leah and Mel led some fun singing together in preparation for our family night next Friday. Our kids choir also had a wee practise for this. Tiffies then showed a video clip of Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics when he lost his chance to win gold through a hamstring injury. He determined to finish the race, at which point his dad came on to the track and supported him to the end. Tiffies spoke about God as our Father and how He wants to be by our side to help us. We then enjoyed games, arts and crafts and giant jenga.

In our Student Zone David got the giant jenga out again for our older group. Jenny and Leah then led a song before Zander spoke. He introduced a drama that we watched on video together. It gave a visual representation of how sin can pull us away from

Jesus, becoming harder and harder to break free from it. It also showed how Jesus does not give up on us and when we begin to cry out to Him He breaks the power of sin by taking it on Himself. We then discussed in groups what we had seen and how we could relate to it. It had a strong impact on many of the young people. We came back together to discuss our thoughts in a bigger group and watched the clip again before we closed in prayer.