Outreach meetings.

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Airdrie folks gathered again for a time of singing led by John.  We had some encouraging up to date reports before Rae brought the word from 1 Kings 17 verses 1-16 on God's provision for Elijah. We can learn lessons from the same principles when we hide ourselves in God through wilderness times allowing Him to feed us until we're strengthened to go forward on our journey. We then had a lovely time of worship with some singing in the Spirit. Next week will be a supper evening to finish for the summer. God bless!



We began with a discussion of our plans for holding meetings over the summer in the Motherwell locality. We were encouraged that many were keen that the meetings be continued over the summer months and certain Wednesdays were agreed together.  See our week in focus each week for dates of these meetings.


We followed this by having a time of singing. There was a real sense of the Lordship of Christ with us as we worshipped Him. A few people then shared encouraging things God has been doing in their lives over the past week, including some having opportunities to tell family members and contacts of Jesus.


Pauline finished our Bible Study on the 'Gifts of the Holy Spirit' this week by focusing on 'serving'. She spoke of us being in a place where we are ready, eager and willing to serve in whatever way God wants, despite how insignificant we view ourselves. She spoke of Stephen, called to the lowly task of serving at the tables, and yet he was 'full of the Spirit and wisdom'.


We had a lovely time of prayer and singing to close our meeting and are looking forward to our meeting next week.