Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A busy and fun night at our kids outreach with around 30 children and around 15 adult visitors who joined us. We began with lots of singing and children had a great time getting their parents involved in the actions. We then had a very nice piece from our kids choir. Tiffies then did a children's talk using a variety of boxes. Children were asked to guess the contents and, when they opened them, they discovered some surprises. The point was made that sometimes the things we hope for don't work out as planned but Jesus never changes and it's always safe to trust Him. There was a lovely atmosphere as we closed in prayer. We then moved on to our barbecue and games. Parents were very open and positive about our youth work and many commented on how much they enjoyed the evening.

Some of our P6 children stayed on for our student zone this week in preparation for our new session after summer.  We had lots of fun team games and there was much laughter. Zander rounded up by talking about fellowship and how important that is. He encouraged the young people to be out at church as much as possible over the summer. It was a very good evening all in.