Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had about 25 children at Friday club this week including a few new faces. Tiffies started with some singing before Leah spoke. She continued the Olympics theme and focused on the word 'higher' from the Olympics motto. She asked for volunteers to participate in a challenge where they had to jump to touch a target until it got too high. She made the point that as Christians we need to always be reaching higher and gave some practical examples of how to do this. Children then went on to choose between biscuit decorating and games for their activities.

We had some more new people at our student zone tonight. Mel began this session with some games. We then split into a young adults group and a school age group. Tiffies took the younger group with Shev while Scott and Leah took the young adults. The younger group played a 'getting to know you' game with m&m's before Tiffies brought the verse 'even the very hairs of your head are numbered' and spoke about how God is interested in every detail of our lives. Our older group continued their discussion on the book of James. We were very pleased to have our friend from Motherwell back along for that group. It was a good evening all in.