Friday night youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 25 kids at our Friday Club tonight and a couple of new faces among them. Tiffies began with some singing, difficult to bring to an end due to the many enthusiastic song choices from the kids. Scott then spoke and continued our Olympics theme, taking the word 'stronger' from the motto 'faster, higher, stronger'. He challenged Tiffies and Heather to a weight lifting competition, which Tiffies won deadlifting 80kg. Scott went on to talk about how Christians need to make choices in a similar way to athletes in order to become stronger as Christians. He also referred to David and Goliath and how with God on our side we are the strongest we can be. We then went on to our games and craft activities.

In our student zone we had another new girl tonight. We split into our young adults and teens groups. Zander took the younger group and Scott and Tiffies took the young adults. The older group continued their Bible study on James and had a very rich discussion around the theme of temptation and the guidance of God in our lives. The younger group also did a short Bible study together around the theme of salvation. It was a very good night all in.