Youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A good first night back after the holidays at our Friday club. We had over 30 children in our younger part. Leah started with some singing before Tiffies spoke. She took an Olympics theme and the motto 'faster, higher, stronger'. The focus was 'faster' and we talked about Usain Bolt and his achievements. This led on to running the race for Jesus and a little volunteer demonstrated the difference between being weighed down and being free when running. For our activities, we had a choice between Olympic themed games and decorating Olympic medal biscuit.

Quite a few of our kids from the younger part moved up to the older meeting tonight. We also had a visitor from Motherwell who has been wanting to come along to church through a friend at work. Graeme started this section with some games. We then split into a young people's group and a young adults group. Zander took the younger group while Scott and Tiffies took the young adults. The young adults listened to Tiffies testimony before Scott led a good discussion on the first chapter of the book of James. Zander had a discussion with the younger group about the importance of giving and being a support to the younger children coming up. It was a very good night all in.