Friday youth meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had 35 children at our Friday club this week. Leah began with some singing, the children were in great voice! The P1/2 group then went with Heather and Marianne while Tiffies spoke to the P3-7 group. The theme of prayer continued. Both groups looked at the Lord's Prayer and talked about what each part meant. The older group then had a short time to pray and sing together and there was a lovely atmosphere as we closed. We then had our quiz, games and crafts stations.

We had one person from our younger part join our older group who hadn't been before. This was alongside another three girls who have been coming for a few months now. We had some games and then Leah taught a song. We followed this with an ask it basket discussion led by Scott. There were some very good questions from some of the younger ones.