Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Slightly quieter night at Friday club with just under 30 children. Lovely to welcome some new faces among them. Tiffies started with some singing before Leah spoke. She used a crack the code activity to help the children think about why Jesus gave His life on the cross. She linked this with Remembrance Day and how we remember those who gave their lives, but Jesus paid the biggest sacrifice by dying for us. We closed in prayer before moving on to arts and crafts and games. Debbie spoke to P1/2 about fruits of the Spirit and they made their own fruit salad.

We began the student zone with the cornflake box challenge, which was a lot of fun. We split into a young adults group which Graeme took and a teens group which Scott and Tiffies took. Scott spoke to the teens about the fiery furnace and the importance of making choices for God. He shared some of his own experiences growing up and how God helped Him when he was open to the help. Graeme led a discussion with the young adults around the theme of discipleship and they had a very interesting discussion with lots of contributions.