Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another busy night at the Friday club with just over 30 kids. Leah began with some singing before Tiffies taught a couple of Christmas songs. Tiffies then spoke, and used different forms of photo I.D that some of the adults had brought. We had lots of fun looking at the photos! She talked about how your I.D proves that you belong to a workplace and have the right to be there. She tied this in with what  identifies us as Christians and how others should be able to tell by the way we live that we are followers of Jesus. We then split into groups for activities, while also beginning some filming for our Nativity.


Work on the Nativity continued in our student zone along with some games. We then had a short meeting. Leah took some singing before Scott spoke from Isaiah 40 and talked about how we can grow weary, but that God comes to renew our strength. He used examples from his hillwalking adventures to show how Christian life can be difficult, but encouraged us that the strength comes from God and not us. Tiffies led a short time of worship at the end. There was a lovely sense of God's presence settling on us as we closed. We finished off with a wee birthday celebration for one of our teenagers.