Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had just under 40 children for our Friday club tonight, including a couple of new kids. Tiffies took some singing before speaking about trust. She used different trust games, where friends had to trust they wouldn't be dropped, or soaked. She told the story of Jesus calming the storms and linked this to the storms we can face in our own lives. The children listened particularly well as she talked about some of the storms that children can face and how real it can be for them. There was a real grip of God there as we closed in prayer. We then had some games and arts and crafts.

In our student zone Hannah began the night with some games. After the games, we came together and Tiffies led a song that some of the newer girls had requested to sing. We then split into groups. Tiffies, Shev and Graeme worked with the S1/2 group on the nativity play while scott led a discussion around the changing power of Jesus and how He often deals with us a layer at a time. The young people were able to relate to this very well.