Friday youth meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had around 20 kids for our Friday club this week. Tiffies began with some action singing before we tried a new song together. Leah then spoke to P3-7 about the importance of sharing and showing kindness using an object talk with chocolate eggs. The children listened really well and enjoyed taking part. Tiffies then closed with a few minutes of prayer and singing. We then went onto our games, quiz and biscuit decorating stations.

Graeme began with games in our student zone. We then split into three groups for a discussion time organised by Scott. Zander took the young adults, Tiffies and Shev took the teenagers and Scott and Heather took our P7-S1 young people. Each group had a very good discussion time, around the theme of what salvation is, before we closed each group with prayer. We then enjoyed some cakes and juice together.