Friday youth meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A quieter night at our Friday club with just over 20 children. Tiffies began with some singing, the kids had some great choices. We then split and Marianne and Debbie took the P1/2 children while Tiffies took the P4-7 group. Both groups discussed hearing God's voice. In the older group children were picked to try and find treasure while being instructed by someone they couldn't see. This was easy when it was quiet, but hard when there were lots of other voices. Tiffies went on to give practical examples of how God can speak to us and the ways that we can be careful to make sure we are ready to listen. This was put into practise as we closed with a few moments of prayer and singing. Games, crafts and quiz followed.

The older group was quieter tonight, partly due to some folks visiting our Greenock meeting. Some of the P7 girls were keen to have a singing time and learned some new songs with Shev and Tiffies. We then had toast and juice before the girls requested going back to sing in the sanctuary. It was very relaxed and informal, but the presence of God was very much with us.