Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Our supper night in Monklands Hall went very well. There was a superb spread organised by Caroline. After enjoying some supper and getting to know our visitors we had a time of singing before Vickylee gave a very good testimony to how difficult circumstances led her to seek God's help and she found Christ as Saviour. She spoke of the transforming power of God, the peace that came the night she was saved and the path God had led her on since that day. It was very encouraging. Diana then spoke from verses from 2 Corinthians 7:1 about not defiling body or spirit. She used the verses to preach the gospel. There was a very positive response from our visitors and one of them is hoping to be with us on Sunday morning. We are planning our next Coatbridge meeting in 2 weeks time.



Another good meeting this week. Emily began our evening by leading a time of song which was very good. Billy gave a report on how he had led a man to Christ in hospital. One or two others shared about how God had helped them through the course of the week. Following this, Pauline continued the bible study on the life of David from the Old Testament. There followed some good discussion before turning to a time of worship and prayer. Leah led this part whilst there was some personal ministry given to individuals. It was a very good night. The meeting is off next week but will be back on Wednesday 12 April before Easter.



A good number of people at the Airdrie meeting this week. After the singing we heard good reports about the Coatbridge outreach and the ladies lunch in Cumbernauld. Rae then spoke from Matthew 26:56 "Then all the disciples deserted him and fled." We looked at areas in our lives where we do exactly the same thing as the disciples did. There followed an excellent worship time whilst some received individual ministry through the laying on of hands. There was a message in tongues  given and an encouraging interpretation inviting us to have faith in Christ Himself so that we may be made to stand strong with Him beside us. The meeting will be off for the next 2 weeks and will start again after our busy Easter conference. God bless!