Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


We began our meeting tonight with a time of singing and worship. There was a lovely feeling of giving thanks to God and remembering all He has done for us, and this led into a time of singing in the Spirit. We then had some up to date reports, including one lady who was delighted to report that her granddaughter had been asking her lots of questions about the Holy Spirit. She felt this interest was a real answer to prayer. Mark and Leah then sang a lovely duet before Mark spoke. He spoke about coming to the Rock that is higher than we are when we feel overwhelmed, and the importance of allowing God to break us through different circumstances that come our way. He concluded by focusing on the sacrifice that Christ has made that has opened for us a place of friendship with God. We closed with a short time of quiet worship, and we were delighted with the quality of the presence of God that came. Many folks sat for quite some time just being quiet in that atmosphere at the end.



Our meeting was a little smaller in number this week, with folks working or on holiday.

Carol began the meeting with a prayer and then we went straight into sharing up to date reports, some very encouraging reports from several people.

Carol then shared some of her thoughts around Holy Week and encouraged us this week, to take time in prayer thanking Christ for the Cross and also for Life. 

We had  a beautiful time of prayer and singing where the   presence of God came very close to each one of us.