Midweek outreach meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


A smaller number of us gathered for the meeting in Airdrie this week. After John led some singing we had a short time of sharing before we came to the word from Genesis 5:22,  'Enoch walked with God' and Amos 3:3, 'Can two walk together except they agree?' God always walks with us but when we don't  agree with what He's saying or with circumstances He allows to come into our lives, WE are choosing not to walk together with Him on His chosen pathway. If we could only be more like Job and be able to say "My foot has kept His steps, His way have I kept and not declined". We then had a short time of praise and thanksgiving to Him who is so faithful and trustworthy.



We had a few unable to be out with us due to ill health this week so our numbers were slightly smaller.

Mark and Leah began the evening with a time of song which was very good. Several of the folks shared about how God had helped them through different circumstances during the week. Pauline gave a report on the Easter Conference and Leah shared her joy in getting baptised in water at the conference. Pauline then spoke from Jeremiah 20:9 before turning to a time of prayer for our supper evening outreach next week. There came a lovely presence of God at the end.