Youth work update

by Struthers Cumbernauld

There were just under 20 at our Friday club this week. Leah began with some action singing before leading a few grown up choruses. Tiffies then spoke about hearing from God using different recorded voices that the children had to identify. She talked about the fact that God sometimes says no, but He always listens to our prayers and this was illustrated by Scott and Amy who acted out a short scene showing a conversation between father and daughter. We closed with a short prayer and time of song. Debbie used a similar theme with the P1/2 kids using a chocolate cake. Children split into rounders outside and a game of pie face inside, which was lots of fun.


Heather began our student zone with some games. Pauline came along tonight to share her testimony to salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit, which was great! Tiffies rounded up by talking about the Christian life being a journey and often we can make a real commitment to Jesus as children, but we  need to let that commitment deepen as we get older and understand more. We followed with a lovely, quiet time of prayer and worship before Scott closed in prayer. We finished with one more game, and even some of the parents joined in for this. It was a very fun and happy end to our evening.