Friday youth work

by Struthers Cumbernauld

We had just under 30 children at our Friday club this week. Tiffies began with some singing with help from Hannah and Lauren. She then spoke about putting God first, using a jar of rice with bouncy balls as an illustration. When the bouncy balls were placed in the jar, the rice fitted in perfectly, but when the rice went first the bouncy balls did not fit. She made the point that when we put Jesus first in our lives, other things begin to fit into place. We had a short time of worship before Scott closed in prayer. Debbie and Marianne used a similar theme with the P1/2 group. We then had arts and crafts organised by Stacy and games organised by Davy, Scott and Shev.

In our student zone it was very nice to have a few people that we have not seen in while. Mel began with some games before the meeting part. Scott opened with prayer before Laura gave a very good testimony. Tiffies rounded up by speaking about the need to find Jesus at the Cross, but when we mess up it doesn't need to be the end of our journey. We can find forgiveness again and strength and help for the journey ahead. We had a time of worship and singing before Laura closed in prayer for us. We finished the evening with another game. It was great having everyone involved and there was a very happy atmosphere at the end.