Midweek meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


Another good evening this week at the Airdrie meeting. After John took some very good singing he spoke from  1John 4:19 and Matthew 6:14,15. We were reminded that regardless of the atrocities going on around us, or even if others have treated us  badly, God asks us to forgive those who trespass against us that He may also forgive us our sins.  We need to be careful in this. Failure to do so results in our hearts growing hard and cold and a decline in our spiritual lives. Vengeance belongs to God. Our job is to keep ourselves right with Him in all and every eventuality. After all has He not already forgiven us for all the wrong we have done? Who are we to judge? There followed a quiet time of waiting before God in prayer then worship before fellowship over a cup of tea.



After a short time of singing led by Mark and Tiffies, Emily gave her testimony to salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. She spoke of her love for Christ, it was very moving. Pauline then preached on the verse Rev 3:8 'I have set before you a door open that no man can shut.' She explained that this door into the presence of God should open more fully to us on our Christian journey until it is wide open when we go to heaven. Diana then continued the theme by speaking briefly on the fact that Paul consulted no man when he was saved despite the fact he had turned from Judaism to Christianity. She encouraged us to find our answers in God and make decisions to stand ground without necessarily consulting everyone who crossed our path. The words dovetailed nicely. We closed with a rich time of worship and prayer. It was nice to have 3 new folks with us for the evening. We are hoping to see them again.

Next week is a Supper Evening and will be geared for visitors. Please feel free to come along and bring a friend.



We began our meeting as usual with a time of up to date reports  from everyone. Most people commented on how they had been blessed and encouraged by the Saturday morning prayer meeting and felt a new sense of fire and vision.


Carol then spoke from Zechariah 3  about clarity  and how we need to live in that  place.  She reminded us that our own thoughts "are but the dust of the earth  and can  hinder the word of God".

Carol also shared with us a revelation that she had received this week and really encouraged us to believe that God can give us all authority. 

She ended with a beautiful verse from Psalm 65:11.


We had a very rich time of prayer and fellowship to end the evening .