Midweek meetings

by Struthers Cumbernauld


A very good meeting at Airdrie this week. John led some singing, including some older choruses which were great. Rae spoke from scattered verses from Nehemiah around the makeover that was given to the broken wall in Jerusalem. We can often find that our spiritual walls have been battered and are badly in need of repair. We were encouraged to start to clear away any rubble to make a clear pathway for our Lord to start rebuilding our walls for His glory. Equipped with the weapons He has provided and with Him by our side the work can and will be accomplished. There followed a beautiful worship time with a message in tongues and interpretation.  The Airdrie meeting will be off now until after the summer holidays. It will be starting back on 17th August. God Bless!



The meeting began with our usual time of up to date reports from everyone.  There was a real sense of folks being very honest, some on the mountains and some in the valleys.

Carol spoke from Psalm 91 focusing on "The sufficency of Christ."  Amazingly this was the Psalm that came to her before she heard any of the reports from the group.

There was such a lovely feeling of the group encouraging  each other and sharing our own experiences on life's journey.  Carol encouraged the group to "stand firm and trust in Him for refuge."

We ended the meeting with a beautiful  time of singing and ministry, the presence of Christ was very tangible amongst us.