Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

Another busy Friday night with around 35 kids. Tiffies began with some singing and we had a very happy time learning some 'golden oldies'. She then spoke about Daniel, who was introduced with a few games. She talked about the choice Daniel made not to eat the king's food, and the fact that we need to be brave to be a Christian and stand up for Jesus. We closed with a short time of prayer. The younger children looked at proverbs about being kind with Debbie and Marianne. We then enjoyed games and challenges.


In our Student Zone we had a good number again. Mel and Hannah began with some games. Tiffies then taught a song before we watched a short version of the testimony of Ian McCormack. The children seemed very interested. Scott took some questions about the testimony before sharing a few of his thoughts and closing in prayer.