Friday youthwork

by Struthers Cumbernauld

A bit of a quieter Friday club tonight with just under 30 kids. Leah started with some singing before Tiffies spoke. She started with a describing game where kids had to describe objects and items based on their experience of them. This was linked into our experience of Jesus who, although we can’t see, we can very much experience His presence and His love. We finished with a short time of worship before Diana closed in prayer for us. We got busy with our activities while our older girls continued their fundraising for the upcoming youth weekend. This time it was face painting on offer, which was enjoyed by many of the children.

In our student zone we began with a quiz organised by heather. We then had our first youth alpha session which focussed on life’s big questions. After watching the footage, we split into groups and had some very interesting discussions. Scott led some feedback, which showed our groups seemed to focus in on what it means to go from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge of who Jesus is. Tiffies then led a short time of prayer and worship before Scott closed in prayer. There was a very nice atmosphere as we closed. It was lovely to have Diana with us this evening.